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This is me, looking dead, in Montara

This is me, looking dead, in Montara.

I was imagining what it would be like to die from a Fly Agaric mushroom… plus, my amazing paparazzi photographer, Carla, threw a little dirt on me and some got in my eye balls. I could tell right away the photo shoot was going to be amazing, since she was laughing at me and telling me how there was probably bugs in my hair – or that I was ingesting deadly mushroom spores. Nothing says professionalism, like when your photographer keeps looking down at the camera to review the shots, and says, “Ohhh man! That one is really bad. I’m going to delete it right now.”

But it’s not Carla’s fault. I lead her there under false pretenses, saying it would be a 30 minute trip to take a couple fun pic.’s of me next to these really cool mushrooms. (“let’s go! It’ll be sooo fun!”)And, I needed her to come – uh, like, now! – since rain was upon us. It probably wasn’t until she saw the pearl necklaces, wardrobe changes, and Dior lipgloss did she realize what she committed herself to.

I have been trapped by Carla many times before though. Back in the days where Carla did amazing flower arrangements – rather than amazing gardening – she would trick me to go with her to the SF Flower Market.

Carla: “Jenn do you want to come with me to the flower market!? It’ll be so fun and there are tons of flowers!”

Jenn: “Sure! That sounds great!”

Little did I know it meant getting there by 3-4AM and schlepping her bounty around like some sort of tired pack mule. It was cold and thankless… but for some reason, I’d keep going back with her… thinking maybe the next trip would be really fun.

So, I guess you could say I took a little pleasure forcing Carla to be my paparazzi for the morning. It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta take pic.’s of me in dirt next to deadly mushrooms.



Happy Next To Mushroom


  • Jean #1

    Ha! Love the photos. I do hope you didn’t snort up any spores though!


  • Dee/reddirtramblings #2

    Amazing and different. I love the juxtaposition of you and the mushroom, the play of color, etc.


  • Jenn #3

    Well, I couldn’t find my check book for about an hour, and I couldn’t remember how to spell “especially” (“epeshally”, espesheilly” and so on…) so I’m blaming all that on the deadly spores.


  • carla #4

    YOU LIE!! You LOVED going to the Flower mart at 3am! (and I didn’t mind too much rolling around in the dirt under a cypress tree playing high fashion photographer- it was weird, but fun…)
    Oh, it’s funny that you say you looked dead…as I was deleting the images from my camera (except for a select few for future blackmailing purposes, hehehe) I thought, these few look like crime scene shots!!


  • Mr. McGregor’s Daughter #5

    Good “River’s Edge” sort of thing going on. I’d be happy to trade all this snow for lying in the grass with bugs in my hair.


  • Chris #6

    It’s alice in montara, I like your photos


  • Genevieve #7

    Oh my gosh you are my favorite new camera-whore friend!! I love getting all dressed up for glamour shots! You look gorgeous with your deadly mushroom, and the Dior lipgloss – I mean, that’s an espes- espesh- especshelly nice touch, dude. Cool post, Jenn!


  • Helen Yoest @ Gardening With Confidence #8

    Love the photos of the mushroom. Interesting post. H.


  • Nancy #9

    Your site is lovely! I love the mushroom pictures and you next to the mushroom.

    What’s the plant in your banner?


  • Jenn #10

    Thanks all!
    Nancy: That is a pic of rose hips… rosa rugosa. Amazing rose – not really for the flowers but for those huge hips. Great for jams, teas, etc.


  • Frances #11

    Hi Jenn, what a fun and fabulous shot! You look really undead and the shroom is a looker too. :-)


  • Nancy #12

    They are lovely indeed!


  • kerri #13

    Thanks for stopping by and saying hello.
    I like your sense of humor :)
    Great photos and that’s a very pretty mushroom!


  • Rhonda #14

    Thanks for stopping by The Garden Buzz, yeah, I had fun with the Taylor Swift/Stevie Nicks article that was really about Baptisia australis. You’ve got a great blog, maybe the one I would have if I were 20 (OK, maybe 25) years younger! Sharp writing, nice photos and an insouciant tone.


  • Skeeter #15

    How unique you are girl….


  • tina #16

    That’s quite a shot Carla took. The dirt in your eye probably helped too. I’ll be sure to stay away from these mushrooms!


  • James #17

    Cool! I see these in my woods sometimes. I told a friend about them once and he was all excited, wanting to collect them for smoking purposes…I told him no :P


  • james #18

    Wow.. For the moment I thought it was a snapshot from the Lord of The Ring Movie of the Elf-Queen. Again, reminds me of a fairytale story of Sleeping Beauty or is it..Snow White?
    Anyway.. thats certainly a beautiful mushroom.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog.


  • Melissa #19

    Thanks for the “inner fire” idea posted on my blog. (I’ve discovered hot water bottles work well too). Love your photo near the ‘shroom. And I would be happy to shoot a flower mart at 3 am if it were in someplace warm!


  • high heel freak #20

    Great photos!! There’s nothing like an impromptu photo shoot, but it is normally the model who is caught off guard rather than the photographer. Keep up the good work!


  • Ellen #21

    But what I want to know is, did you take the mushroom home with you and if so, what did you do with it!?


  • Jenn #22

    I didn’t!

    Mainly because I saw another man there gathering mushrooms and I was annoyed that he was taking so many. If I were to take them – they’d go right in the kitchen under one of the many glass clothe containers I have, featuring random nature things… wasp nest, birds nest, honey bees, etc.

    Getting high from mushrooms and doing quickbooks doesn’t really mix – so that’s out of the picture! :)


  • Rose #23

    Fantastic photo! I certainly don’t look that good in the garden:) Skimming through your earlier posts, I found the one about Carl Linneaus and how certain flowers opened at different times of the day–this was fascinating!


  • SoapBoxTech #24

    Gorgeous. The girl AND the shroom.


  • Mookbat #25

    Love the images


  • cpalead #26

    I’ve been looking this for a long time, thanks for posting


  • Roberta Woytowich #27

    found your website on del.icio.us these days and truly liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to take a look some more later


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