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Dirty Love.

I spent my pre-V-Day with the ones I really love… my plants. Yes, I said it – and I don’t care if I sound like a pathetic loser obsessed gardener. I love my plants and am constantly wanting to propagate more. (Kind of like Brangelina’s obsession with kidnapping adopting children.)

Here’s how it went down:

Free plastic pots from HMB Nursery

Steal Ask local nursery if they have any pots they don’t need (it’s always a Yes! Take them!)

Lots of dirt.

Then, have Soil Farm deliver a shit ton of soil… but not just any soil! I have a super secret soil blend – so fabulous that throngs of screaming clients beg me for the ingredients. And for a limited time only you get them:

1 yard mushroom compost

.5 yard Nitro-infused Redwood shavings

1 scoop of the smallest Lava rock available

.5 ton Oly #2 sand

1 yard Planting Mix (they blend a couple compost with some clean top soil… it’s just for bulking up the mix)

*This gets blended together and is great for repotting or propagating plants. The rest can be used to top dress your garden’s soil.

Bag O’ Cuttingz

Then! You take your pillaged cuttings and get planting!

Your result is muy, muy baby plants!

muymuy babies!

More muymuy babies!



  • Matti #1

    I love your approach. Those cuttings are going to multiply fast…and they already look beautiful. Matti


  • Mike #2

    Very immpressive plants. I can’t think of a better way to spend Valentines day.:) I’m going to follow your advice on how to steal extra pots this spring, I’ll let you know if it works for me.


  • Wicked Gardener #3

    That soil blend looks pretty top notch!


  • Paul Gardener #4

    I love it, I steal, err… um acquire old pots from my local nursaries all the time. They’d rather give them away than clean and re-use them. I guess it’s an economy of scale kind of thing.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog btw, It lead me here and your’s is very impressive!
    Hope to hear more from you.


  • Cameron (Defining Your Home) #5

    After you left a comment on my blog, I had to see if this was a spam site! :-) I’m relieved to know that the “Dirt” is in the garden.

    Great blog!



  • commonweeder #7

    For a minute I thought you were going to have a fabulous soil giveaway! But the post did not disappoint, even without a soil delivery. Great information and beautiful plants.


  • Debi #8

    Well, hello there! Thank you for visiting my humble blog and leaving such a nice comment! Thought I would do the same in return and I LOVE your blog! Wish you lived closer and could come “fix” my nasty yard!!! Love your Wildflower Farms website, too. I’ve linked to you from my blog so I can visit often. Hurry up SPRING!


  • Alice Joyce #9

    thanks for stopping by Bay Area Tendrils Garden Travel.

    I see you must be local re: SF Flower & Garden Show… do I know you?

    xo Alice


    • Jenn #10

      Hmm, not sure but possibly. You know how this small Bay Area works! If you’re ever in HMB let me know and you can visit! Thanks for coming by…. loveJenn


  • tina #11

    Oh lucky you! I’d so love to have mushroom compost! That is a great mix and your new plants are going to love you!


  • Jean #12

    My goodness that’s a lot of planting! I would kill for a soil mix like that. I’ve never seen mushroom compost around here (and probably never will). Do you live near a mushroom farm??


  • Layanee #13

    They look delicious and no calories unlike chocolate!


  • Marnie #14

    Good morning. Love your site and really enjoy your sense of humor. Went back and read many older posts, very funny and interesting. Wonderful group of sedum in your photo. Wish more of them were hardy in my area. Have a great day.


  • Suz #15

    Thank you for stopping by and reading my poem….you could be that girl with the sliveed moon tattoo I think! Love your website…I love the garden….but I am not one of those garden club types….I actually love the wildness of the garden I have created….thus I am the Garden wench…….an open bar of joy……
    I wish we were neighbors
    I’ll be back…


  • Shawna Coronado #16

    I love love love your compost!!


  • Catherine #17

    I love the amount of soil you said you had delivered, I wonder if the soil company here would know how much that was? :)
    With all your new plants it looks like you have your own private nursery!


  • Joanne Kennedy #18

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hi. Love your blog. Your flowers and plants are all so pretty. What a great way to spend Valentine’s Day. Growing your own beauties! Way to go.



  • Sue #19

    Thanks for visiting my blog _ must admit mushroom compost is not easy to find where we are but we are trying!


  • Joy #20

    Ok, I know how to reduce a recipe but having a little trouble doing it with this amount! Thanks so much for the super soil recipe though and I’m going to make some up. We have so much yard work to do this spring, hauling mulch and cleaning up all the flower beds, trimming and picking up dead limbs from this snowy winter. Thanks for dropping by GrannyMountain and come back often. Have a great weekend, hope it’s nice where you live so you can play in the dirt…my favorite activity!


  • Sunduvan #21

    I grow organic vegetables at the backyard of my house. I sold some of the produce and was able to pay for my monthly house rental just from it. Not bad. Planning about rearing a African Catfish in a water tank soon. By the way you have a nice looking garden.


  • Jenn #22

    I’m bummed a lot of you have a hard time finding mushroom compost… it’s so nice to use. Especially this time of year since it’s so warm. And I’m glad everyone understand the terminology behind, “Shit ton of soil”. Thanks for commenting… talk soon! Jenn


  • Helen #23

    What a great post! It’s reminding me to start a few cuttings too. A really great way to get more plants and save some money too. The recipe for the soil mix is perfect. Thanks for visiting my blog, btw. I’m enjoying your blog a lot.


  • Diana@Spain in Iowa #24

    What AWESOME tips!! I’m for sure going to hit up my nurseries and ask for pots, that’s great! Thanks for sharing the compost as well!!


  • Geekgardener #25

    Great post and a nice tip for people looking for pots ( free ones ;).. Here in Bangalore, India my usual way of getting free container is to hunt for plastic recycle shops and they have containers of all the sizes for a very cheap price. I am going to try out nurseries this time..



  • Sweet Bay #26

    You might be my soul sister. lol I have a huge number of pots collected on the back porch and it’s hard to get out the door in summer due to all of the baby plants.


  • Jenna @ Mi Vida Bonita #27

    Wow now those are some wonderful clones! They look great. I too love my PLANTS! Your blog is great!



  • baltimore pc repair #28

    I never, ever believed I would have to be familiar with this, but thank goodness for google, right?


  • Colleen #29

    I really enjoy your blog! :)


  • Green Directory #30

    I found your website through Google searching for “eco-friendly”, I really like it!


  • Oswaldo Doane #31

    I like your post. Your blog is fantastic.


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