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Frog Findings

There is a small gated community in Half Moon Bay called Ocean Colony. There you will find a huge golf course, said to be nice – but nothing I would know about due to the fact I can’t stand golf. Namely, men in ill-fitting shorts. In Ocean Colony you will also find a plethora of frogs! When we garden there, I also ways have to do a little sweep of the working area, so as not to smush these little green companions.

Here is our latest findings.


  • Helen at Summerhouse #1

    It’s great that you are careful not to smush them, they really are tiny and quite beautiful.. must admit I’d wear gloves too, not being a fan of holding frogs, while still admiring them, of course. I wonder how we could entice some frogs to our garden? suppose we’d need to get a pond or something. As for the golfer’s shorts…not going there.


  • tina #2

    Cute little frogs. It is smart to look for them and clear them away before you begin gardening.

    Your succulent frames down below are very cool.

    P.S. When I went to your profile it of course linked me to your old blog. Is there any way you can add a webpage link to your blogger profile so it will be easier to come to your blog.


  • willow #3

    Aren’t they the most adorable little guys?! Thanks for stopping by the manor today. xx


  • Damo #4

    Cool frogs, have a few in our garden that eat the slugs that try to eat our veggies.


  • Edith Hope #5

    Dear Jennifer, I am entirely in agreement with you over golf and, indeed, in men who play wearing shorts or, come to that, anything else. I am so pleased to read that prior to mowing a check is made to ensure that there are no frogs or other creatures in the path of the mowing machine. This is all to the good.

    From this point on, I am afraid, I have to part company with you. I am not at all good with ‘creatures’ and whilst your photographs are splendid, they are not very appealing to me.

    Thank you so much for the comment left on my recent posting and to which I have made reply.


  • joey #6

    Aw, how awesome! A frog (and toad) lover, this is a gift. Now snakes, good for the garden, are not to my liking at all and enough, if I ever saw one, to turn in my hoe!


  • Jenn #7

    Helen: The only problem with holding frogs with your hand is when they pee on you. But I have two smelly dogs that probably could cause me much more bacterial problems – so the frogs are fine. :)
    Tina: Yes, I’ll work on that blog link… thanks for your comment.
    Willow: The manor is fabulous!
    Damo: Frogs as allies sounds smart.
    Edith: In the future when viewing my blog – you’ll have to shield your eyes, because we have many “creatures” pictures! :)


  • Jenn #8

    Joey: Oh no snakes are wonderful! A great help in the garden and a sign of prosperity and health for you!


  • Michael B. Gordon #9

    Thanks for stopping by at my blog today. The peepers are starting to peep here in NH. I am not a golfer, but I still might be a little worried to see your response to my gardening shorts! I look forward to following your adventures. All the best from New England.


  • Elephant’s Eye #10

    I’m with Tina, took a detour to get here, via some Japanese spam? Tx for your comment on my blog (comments will bring you more visits, when your link is direct). Our frogs are complaining as we are in the throes of repairing a leaking pond. But with autumn rains they can lurk under the bushes and grumble while they wait.


  • Liza #11

    Oooh, I love frogs – those are so cute!



    WOW – great pix of frogs.
    Please try to find joy in everything…even men in ill fitting shorts. Already I’m enjoying the mental pictures.


  • Chandramouli #13

    Whoa! I’ve never seen such tiny frogs! Great shots.


  • Bethany #14

    I love those guys! I have instituted a frog relocation program in my greenhouse and backyard as my chickens are also very fond of the little guys! Thanks for posting the pics of froggies instead of the golfers :)


    • Jenn #15

      Next time, I’m going to post a pic of the golfer’s then a split screen shot of the frogs – to see who looks better. My money is on the frogs.


  • Catherine #16

    They are so cute. I’d love to have some frogs in my garden. I keep waiting for some to show up.


  • Sunita #17

    Wow! I didnt realise they could get so colourful! We get quite a few tree frogs with big splayed suction-cap toes here. I think with the number of mossies here in my garden they’re set for life :D

    Oh yeah, I agree with your views on golf … and the golfers in ill-fitting shorts.



    I must add…
    In 2005 and 2006, California enjoyed a tremendous amount of precipitation. During that time, I was driving out in the country with my windows rolled down between groundwater banking ponds. I heard a popping noise similar to bubble gum. The radio was turned off and I listened closer. What was that popping noise?

    It was thousands of tiny frogs crossing the road from one pond to the other being crushed beneath the tires of my pickup. GROSS!

    I’m happy to share a mental image with you just as you shared the ill fitting shorts mind bender.


  • Sweet Bay #20

    Those are Green Treefrogs, aren’t they? Treefrogs love to sing in our gutter drainpipes. I had to laugh when Edith Hope said she couldn’t come here anymore because of your pictures. I hope no one takes offense, as everyone has likes and dislikes, but it struck me as funny. Personally, I refuse to eat sushi, and I hate it when fish is the secret ingredient on Iron Chef America.

    I like growing wisteria has a freestanding shrub; I think it’s easier to have control, or the illusion of control, when it’s grown that way. We got our start of it from DH’s grandparents’ farm, so it has sentimental value too.


    • Jenn #21

      Ya, I thought it a tad *odd as well. But sometimes meanings get lost in translation via email.

      Yep – good old treefrogs!


  • Wendy #22

    Wow, these guys are so tiny and cute – I can see how it’s be important to look out for them to avoid…gulp…smooshing!


  • Gail #23

    I need froggies in my garden…must build them a muddy patch…Love the cutie pies and the ones on your gloves are cutie pies indeed! gail


  • Ruth #24

    Those little frogs are SO adorable! :) I like froggies in the garden! They are very noisy here.


  • Noelle/azplantlady #25

    I love little frogs. Actually I once accidentally dug up a hibernating toad in the garden and almost had a heart attack ;-)


  • Dee @ Red Dirt Ramblings #26

    I have the little green guys. They nest in my daylily blossoms. I’ve never seen the red though. Also, lots of brown toads from tiny to very, very large. We also have bullfrogs at the pond below my garden. Love to listen to them sing. Love yours.~~Dee


  • The Idiot Gardener #27

    I have frogs in the garden somewhere. I am worried that the clearing of undergrowth may have driven them off to pastures new (and wetter).


  • Jenn #28

    That’s the problem with doing a big spring or winter clean-up… driving away any little creatures and ruining their homes. Frogs are a great sign that you have a healthy garden, it’s so funny to hear or see people getting grossed out by them. Frogs are much more welcome in my garden… even more than people! :)


  • Kimberly #29

    oh neat! i’ve been looking at rentals in half moon bay, but i need somewhere i can bring my container garden. maybe you could keep your eyes open for one bedrooms in that area, since you already have the mentality of gardening? :)


  • Ethelyn Darracott #31

    I enjoy coming back daily to see your writings. I have your page bookmarked on my daily read list!


  • Matthew C. Kriner #32

    Stumbled this weblog post, thanks.


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