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What’s Going On

I’ve been feeling like there is too much going on in the garden right now to pick one thing to post. The veggies in my planter box are all sprouting and looking fabulous, albeit a bit smushed together. My propagated plants are very happy, especially now that the rain has subsided and they can breath a little more. The succulents in particular were getting stifled from the constant rain. My wildflower seeds in pots are all up; Cal. poppy, borage, lupine, sweet peas, etc. And my little fruit trees are showing signs of being very happy. The fig is in fruit and the dwarf peach is all done flowering, which I pretty sure the bees hit this early Spring.

Here are some other things going on in the garden:


Sprout, Queen of the deck garden.


I love this type of columbine. It’s planted in a medium terra cotta pot, with plenty of peat moss mixed in the planting soil. I love the fluted royal purple petals it puts out. Very simple and understated. Below is a little greenhouse I made years ago, housing some holy basil and italian basil.


Fabulous Carnivorous Flower


I cut back all the foliage on the carnivorous plants Dustin gave me, replanted them in peat and have been watering lots. This blossom blasted up quickly and have been a gorgeous little spot of yellow amongst the terra cotta on my deck. Next to it, a lovely little snail setting up shop on my kniphofia flower, next to the sweet peas.

I love this verbascum. I bought it at Annie’s Annuals and have had it in this pot for a year. It’s located right by my front door and beckons to be petted when ever I rush in and out during the day.

Lastly, the verbena and sweet pea intertwined. They are both in a fairly small terra cotta pot on the steps, but seem to be very happy. You brush by them every time you go up or down the stairs.


  • lostlandscape (James) #1

    The pitcher plant flower is really cool. I’ve been making a few hybrids this spring, and doing so has given me a real appreciation for what an amazing structure they have, with the central umbrella structure serving to catch the falling pollen inside the flower and the petals acting as a curtain to isolate the pollen from the stigmas outside the inner sanctum of the flower.



    Danged old snails. I’m hoping for many toads in the garden this season. Your pups are darling.


  • Jean #3

    I know what you mean about so much going on it’s hard to decide what to post on. That columbine color is amazing. I saw those verbascums at a nursery this weekend and couldn’t help but pet the thing myself.


  • Lisa #4

    “lovey snail” ???

    are you insane? those non-native monsters will eat your columbine down to the ground.


  • Meems @ HoeandShovel #6

    It is spring and you are right … so much going on! That royal purple columbine is very pretty. Meems @ HoeandShovel


  • Sylvana #7

    My fav here is the verbascum. It is so fuzzy and inviting!
    Your garden already looks like a garden! Mine still looks like dirt with some pretty flowers here and there. Oh well, soon the dormant plants will wake up and fill everything in. I already see signs of life there.


  • Layanee #8

    We have no snails here, just slugs. Somehow they look a bit better in their shell than naked and slimy.


  • Kristi {at} Live and Love…Out Loud #9

    Dirty Girl, I know NOTHING about gardening but what I do know is this:

    1. That verbascum creeps me out. I don’t care for the fuzzy texture. Just a personal thing.
    2. The carnivorous flower is gorgeous!
    3. Your dogs are awesome.
    4. I’d love to spend a day reading in your garden.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my place. I’m glad I visited with you. You’ve got a great gardening blog. If I ever decide to find my inner dirty girl, I’ll be sure to stop by for tips. Have a great day!

    Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud


  • Blackswmapgirl Kim #10

    Has that verbascum ever bloomed? It looks so much like the silver sage (salvia argentea) that I have coveted for… oh… two or three years now, that I am suspicious it was mis-tagged at the nursery. (But whatever it is, can you see me drooling over it? WOW!)

    And your kniphofia! Holy crap. All we can find in Ohio are the common ones with the bright orange and yellow bi-color flowers. I would happily pay way too much money if I could find a gorgeous subtly-colored one like yours at a local nursery. *sigh*


  • rosemarie #11

    Thanks for visiting my blog!!

    I am very envious of your California garden – we had a warm March here in Chicago so things are greener than ever (which is still a lot of brown).

    Looking forward to reading more of your blog.


  • Jenn #12

    Kristi – Thanks and please do come back!

    Kim – Mine has bloomed when I plant them in the garden… not so much in small pots. But actually, I really don’t like the flowers they make anyway, so I keep them contained. I’ll keep you posted and email you a nursery that you can order the lighter colored knip’s from.


  • Tatiana #13

    Something about that first picture is simply mesmerizing. And I’m quite envious of your climate. We have the warmest spring on record this year, and still the landscape is suspicious preferring to remain brown and yellow. ‘Course we’re also in a drought making it hard for anything to start growing, but to actually have flowers – in April! – lucky duck.


    • Jenn #14

      Yes, we are lucky to have the climate we have. I’m a few blocks away from the beach, but the trees help with little salt wind. We don’t have much frost, but a bit more the past couple years. And in the summer, the highs stay around 75 – with fog off and on. It’s ideal for gardening… unless you want to grow peonies. They don’t happen here to well.


  • Cyndy #15

    Oh my, that columbine is lovely ! I agree about this time of year – the garden goes from zero to sixty, and I can’t blog it all :)


  • Noelle/azplantlady #16


    I love the purple columbine. The dark purple is a color that I have not seen in columbines. Your succulents are lovely and I am sure they are appreciating a break from the rain :-)


  • Annelie #17

    Hey Dirty Girl,
    You sure got a lot going on there in your garden. A heck of a lot more than me. Enjoy your writing and attitude.


  • Marnie #18

    Enjoyed your photos. That columbine is certainly pretty. I have some purple ones but quite different than yours.

    Your deck is so full of plants, it is gorgeous.


  • Jen #19

    I just planted Columbine for the first time, I only hope it will turn out as pretty!

    Here’s to gardeners under 30!


  • Helen at Summerhouse #20

    You’re right, there is a lot going on in your garden. Lots of interesting plants, fuzzy ones, bug eating ones, and ones that reach out and grab another plant. Your dogs are so cute, love the look of the little one peeking around the gate.


  • Urban Dirt Girl #21

    Ahhhhh its so nice to see flowers this time of year…..even if its not in my own frozen wasteland that is chicago…..lovely garden, love your puppies! too too cute.


  • The Rainforest Gardener #22

    Wow! What kind of carnivorous plant is that? I like the “yellow” hot pokers by the way


  • Ruth #23

    Your garden is SO beautiful! It really makes me miss California. And, yes, it is hard to pick just one thing for a post! :)


  • GwendolynGarden #24

    Love the carnivorous flower. Amazing. And the double blue columbine. That snail is scary-large.


  • kimberly #25

    Your carnivorous bloom is so pretty…I can see how it would trick unsuspecting visitors. It doesn’t look like a carnivore!


  • Green Thumb Geeks #26

    That carnivorous flower looks like an alien. Amazing! You are very lucky to have such nice California weather and such a fancy collection of plants.

    Also, thanks for stopping by the blog!



  • Little Wing Garden #27

    I know that snails are destructive but I do love that photo of the one on the kniphofia( a plant that I love but can’t seem to grow).

    Thanks for visiting my blog:)


  • Corner Garden Sue #28

    You sure do have lots going on! You are ahead of us, but we have enough going on that I’m a happy camper. I have slugs from time to time, but don’t normally see them up that high on plants. I don’t see snails much, but have on occasion.

    That frog in your most recent post is a cutie.


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