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How much do you love your plants?

Back in the day, I harvested Agave attenuata pups from a HUGE pod of them growing down the street from my house. Since then I’ve potted them up, divided the excess growth, potted again, moved houses and finally planted 5 or 6 in the front garden of my new house. A picket fence was built and Echeveria cuttings planted in a row under the lowest board the entire length on the fence. The Echeveria have grown happily, spreading as far as they can, then just piling up when they hit the fence posts, forming a blue clump that hides the sidewalk edge. In the past 2 years, the Agave has grow like crazy, slowly pushing its broad leaves against the picket and almost uprooting itself in the process. Matt, agreeing (kind of – or just pacifying me) with my philosophy that ‘plants are the most important things ever’, kindly cut a hole in the picket. The Agave can now grow with abandon and reach out and grab you if you walk by too close. Ever since assholes people have been coming by and stealing my flowering blue sweet peas, I like to grow things that will somewhat scare people (I’m a really nice neighbor).

Behold! The Agave that ate through the fence! (Cue circus music and bull-whip… and me in really high-heeled boots!)


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