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Back from the jungle… again.

I’m sitting in my adorable little garden office looking at a couple of hummingbirds who are fighting over a salvia. It’s about 61 degrees here right now and I can’t believe I’m so cold – when just days ago I was sweating in the inferno that is Belize! I vividly remember the days where we would be hiking n the jungle or on farms and a wave of heat and humidity would wash over us. Even if we had stopping climbing a steep hill, I’d still have buckets of sweat pouring off of me, the humidity not allowing for it to dry.

And then, the bugs come…

But that’s a whole other blog post. Let me start with a few of my favorite pictures:

This is Eladio’s youngest son… showing off how the “Tattoo Fern” works. Not only is it fun for tattooing, but it’s also used for allergy symptoms.

The “Halloween flower” – a gorgeous tree that blooms during the Fall.

There will be many more posts about my travels to Belize and my research on healing plants – and also my new book, Sacred Plants. If you haven’t checked out that project, please go to: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/589300767/sacred-plants

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