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New Year’s Resolutions: in the garden.

Ahh, a new year.

I was looking through some pictures I took of my garden back in May; the Cerinthe was off the hook! My Roses were going bananas! And I had about 7 different types of Violas and Pansies that completely carpeted the pathway around stepping stones. Gorgeous!

I was lusting after this picture and then, subsequently, feeling very low about how my garden looks right now; Roses cut back, Cerinthe needing to be pulled out all together and the Violas and Pansies have been long gone due to some majorly agro snails. It’s not the greatest look.

However, I’ve decided to make some New Year’s Garden Resolutions and one being to not compare my garden to – well, my garden. Here’s the list:

1. No comparing.

My garden looks awesome all year… I resolve to tell it so as much as possible & be grateful!

2. Less pictures, more experiencing.

I find that I spend more time taking pictures of my ‘Meyer’ Lemons growing in my single Woolly Pocket than I do actually picking the Lemons! I have actually told my BF not to pick them “cause they look too good!” It’s madness. I resolve to pick, eat, smell and touch – on the regular. Camera or no camera!

3. Quiet time in the garden.

I resolve to get quiet in the garden. I want to spend more time sitting in one spot, alone and clearing my head in the garden. I won’t do. I won’t plan. I won’t plot. I’ll simply enjoy and say thanks.



What are your resolutions?

(Pics of my garden/plants from Icebox Images)


  • Chris #1

    My new year hopefully will have a more abundant worm community and many more clients to prune and mow, been doing this for a long time and many customers don’t know they have a compost heap or berm. Just that they leave stuff out and it disappears into the yard.

    and my other goal is my morning coffee though it is a five mile drive to castro valley!


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