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Favorite garden tools:
Champagne and a
Snoop Dogg song.

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Baby Birds

I was doing a bit of gardening in the Tunitas Creek canyon, about to remove a large escalonia shrub – and found these...
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The Latest…

Ok… hmmmmm, where to begin. Let’s start with… I found a little blue egg, freshly laid on my lawn sunday afternoon… coincidentally right...
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Setting Up Roots

I’ve just moved into a fabulous new house in HMB. My sister is giving birth… pretty much right now. And work has exploded….....
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BFF with Honey Bees!

It’s been long standing that I am besties with honey bees. This is unlike my sister some people who freak the fuck out...
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Forward Foliage

This could quite possibly be the most gorgeous cabbage in the world. I found her growing in my client, Janet’s garden, and fell...
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I Heart Echeveria

This little picture is of my echeveria in full bloom. I love how the little flowers dangle into the perfect drop… and the...
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Akebia quinata is a fabulous vine. It grows similar to a honeysuckle, but without the fragrance. It has lovely little chocolate flowers that...
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Yo Mama!!!!!!!!

One of my favorite org’s Sustainable Harvest is offering a great Mother’s Day gift… For yo Mama and another person’s Mama!! “When you...
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Love my Buddha

I’ve had a pot by my front door for about a year and a half now. When I first moved to this house,...
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What Spam Looks Like:

I know you other garden bloggers get the fucking annoying fabulous spam that I do… probably even more. Feel free to share your...
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