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Favorite garden tools:
Champagne and a
Snoop Dogg song.

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2 wet 2 work

It’s too wet to work today. Plus, yesterday I picked up some wet burlap and my back decided to take a vacation from...
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Earth Victory Day

Happy Earth Day everyone! Earth Day, Halloween and Valentine’s Day are my favorite holidays. Well, those and any holiday that includes giving me...
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Ingrates in the Garden

Dear Lemon Verbena: Why are you acting like such an as$hole? Last year I potted you in that new terra cotta pot, in...
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Frog Findings

There is a small gated community in Half Moon Bay called Ocean Colony. There you will find a huge golf course, said to...
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Vote for Me!

Yes, this is a completely gratuitous post! I’ve been nominated for the SF Gate’s Best of the Bay List under landscape design. Ahhhhhh...
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What’s Going On

I’ve been feeling like there is too much going on in the garden right now to pick one thing to post. The veggies...
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What do you see?

I love this shot because there is so much going on in it. I was on my monthly pillage day, where I drive...
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Succulent Frames

Here are some of the latest I’ve been working on… more to come! (And of course, they are for sale and can easily...
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Spring Equinox Blessing

Happy Spring everyone! May you and your gardens be blessed this year with health, love and abundance! Have a fabulous Spring Equinox!...
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