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Favorite garden tools:
Champagne and a
Snoop Dogg song.

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Succulents with Britney Spears

*Warning: This post contains random, appropriate swearing and Britney Spears rocking a succulent frame… oh, and Me. **I promise these will become interesting...
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Veggie Appetence

I’ve been dying to plant vegetables the past few months. But with the weather just getting nice and my little farm (pic.’s to...
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I love this photograph

I love this photograph. I took this on a birthday extravaganza trip to Venice, Italy back in March of ’06. It was fabulous...
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WTF?! (Rant)

Cruising through craigslist is always a good time. Where else can you find a great antique velvet chair, a bunch of free organic...
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Gardener’s Challenge #1

(Imagine “Mission Impossible” music playing as you read this…) I have a challenge for the gardener’s out there:     Gardener’s Challenge  ...
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Seed Savers

This little viola pod was just about to burst from the couple days of warm weather we had. Luckily I captured it in...
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Dirty Love.

I spent my pre-V-Day with the ones I really love… my plants. Yes, I said it – and I don’t care if I...
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