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Favorite garden tools:
Champagne and a
Snoop Dogg song.

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Violets this morning

I looked down at a small pot on my deck this morning, and noticed it was spilling with violet flowers. If you have...
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Pruning Ribes

This shows the typical pruning of a Ribes sanguineum. This plant was by a front door of one of my client’s houses, and...
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Dirty Girl Clean

Introducing our new product line: Dirty Girl Clean These are all hand-made, organic body products. We are offering herbal infused sugar scrubs, hand...
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A blueberry at a client’s house in HMB. Beyond their amazing fruit, blueberry’s make wonderful landscape plants, potted or in the ground. This...
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This is what I love about my work

A perfectly square Italian terra cotta pot, resting on hand glazed Asian pot feet… slowly starting to be blanketed in fresh Winter moss....
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I got a prompt response from the kind people at Peet’s: Hi Jenn, Thanks for your email, and for taking the time to...
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Ancient Trees! WTF?

Recently addicted to Peet’s peppermint hot chocolate (for shame! I know…), I was waiting for my sugar rush and browsed the tea section....
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