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Favorite garden tools:
Champagne and a
Snoop Dogg song.

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Back from the jungle… again.

I’m back from Belize and super excited to share my stories with you! Here’s a little sneak peek of some of the cool pictures I gathered on my plant research trip…

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Tacca chantrieri

Notice the awesome whisker-like filaments below the flower head. The dark colored bracts and long trailing filaments are used as part of a “deceit strategy” to attract flies and other pollinators…

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petal power

Traditionally, cultures throughout the world have used flowers and flower petals for many types of sacred practices.

I’m not as desperate forward as Cleopatra, and the last flower girl I saw in a wedding cried so hard she puked – but I do love using petals – almost everyday in fact.

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Mint Madness

I’m so hot for mint right now… Maybe it’s because I’m filthy sick from a cold I’m guessing I got off a plane on the way back from Spain. The man sitting next to me was making love to (no joke) 6 Gin ‘n Tonicz only 3 hours into our flight.

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