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Favorite garden tools:
Champagne and a
Snoop Dogg song.

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glamorous gardening

A general feeling of – “Hell ya, let’s plant!” is in the air.

Sometimes – when I’ve had a real shit-tastic day, I put all the fun jewelery I have on, pour some vino, turn on a podcast, and do some gardening.

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I’ve had a dandy Saturday so far. It has consisted of getting up early to walk around the cemetery  for about an hour (there’s an old-ass cemetery right by my house that you can walk around… decent little work out if you keep going and keep up a good pace up the hill.

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Spending time in the garden for Earth Day

Finally, a foggy morning here in Half Moon Bay.

Well, I guess it’s not uncommon but we’ve had a week of really hot (to me really hot is 70 degrees) weather and the fog is a nice reprieve to wake up to.

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Another Rainy Day

Here in Half Moon Bay, the clouds are subsiding to sun and it’s noticeably warmer than it has been in days.

I love this time of year – and today is a perfect day to to do some Spring-time intentions (or Spring-time cleaning!). This can be for yourself and your garden.

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out with the old… in with the new.

When your bulbs are spent… you should let them die back naturally so they can get nutrients from the sun and soil. But if it looks poopy – just cut ‘em back. There’s no awards for who can keep the ugliest garden!

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Rainy-day links

Here on the CA coast, we are having a lovely rainy week (much needed!) and I thought some fun web surfing would be...
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