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Favorite garden tools:
Champagne and a
Snoop Dogg song.

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Jungle Remedies

Fresh of the heels of my Belizean vaca, I’m hitting Spring running with more blog posts about what I’ve learned on my travels....
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saturday m o r n i n g

This morning I went to a farmers market in San Mateo… I needed some goodies for the kitchen and wanted a dose of...
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Botanically Belize

My new little eBook is published! Botanically Belize is a garden/travel book about my adventures in Belize. I went for about 3 weeks...
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bad chicken mama

I have to admit, lately I have not been the best chicken mama. Last night, I forgot to move the chickens from their...
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Cheers to Tillandsia!

    I wanted to do something a bit more concise with all of the Tillandsia around my house… and with a drawer...
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The past couple months I’ve fallen off the garden blog-o-sphere… mostly due to botanical immersion in Belize! But don’t worry… I’ve written all...
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the latest at the farm

the last bit of yesterday was finished off at the farm, doing some general clean-up and a bit of planting. the guys weed...
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Holiday OCD

OCD is a very serious affliction. My friend Wikipedia says, “OCD is an anxiety disorder characterized by intrusive thoughts that produce uneasiness, apprehension,...
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Chateau Bawk Bawk

I designed a vertical garden for a client’s freshly built and devastatingly boring fence in HMB a couple weeks ago. It went from...
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Zombie Plants

“That plant died.” “No. It didn’t. You fucking murdered it.” I love when someone tells me that a plant has died. Died. “It...
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