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Favorite garden tools:
Champagne and a
Snoop Dogg song.

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the buzz on bee’s wings

I took this picture in a client’s garden a few weeks ago, and found myself instantly enamored with the detail in the bee’s...
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Strickly gratuitous

  Nothing pithy or dynamic to write about. Just some pictures of ridiculously gorgeous flowers growing in my garden… and a chicken or...
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Petal Power

The perfect Thursday night includes a recipe of the following: - One giant bowl filled with Calendula, Lavender, Pansies, three types of Roses...
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You shall not pass.

Open the latch on the little gate that guards my front door, and you will be greeted by two barking dogs in a...
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Garden Apothecary

Dirty Girl Clean has been renamed to Garden Apothecary. Check out my new etsy site, too! I have four new scents that are...
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Where’s the party at?

Here is my interpretation of snails at a rave. (Brought to you by us propagating succulents and grasses, and scraping off the clusters...
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Bug Cacophony

Yesterday in the early evening, I drove down to my farm to unload some flats of tomatoes and lavender I bought from the...
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Botanical climbers

I’m not talking about the always effusive ‘Altissimo’ climbing rose or an over zealous Jasmine vine. I’m talking about social climbing in the...
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