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Natural Aphrodisiacs

      *To the poor, poor souls who hate Valentine’s Day… find another blog post to read. But if you love Valentine’s...
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The Hook Up

This beauty is a Gunnera that Rob (the famous Pitch Plant guy) gave me. Wait. Let me begin, from the beginning… Rob had...
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I understand it’s cold and snowing elsewhere in the world. But here, in Half Moon Bay, CA – it’s almost 70 degrees. In...
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Color Army

  Right now, at HMB Nursery, there is a myriad of 4″ annuals. We are finally coming out of the age of red...
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Plant Sensitivity

This time of year we (gardeners, and the like) prune everything back for the Winter. Almost every mature plant in your garden gets...
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Loving This Shit.

  Well the title says it all. I’ve pretty much gone to second base with Malibu Compost and am loving it! I met...
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Sorry for my delay in posting… I’ve been podcasting. More to come in a future post… But for now… scroll down a bit...
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