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Where’s the party at?

Here is my interpretation of snails at a rave. (Brought to you by us propagating succulents and grasses, and scraping off the clusters...
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Bug Cacophony

Yesterday in the early evening, I drove down to my farm to unload some flats of tomatoes and lavender I bought from the...
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Botanical climbers

I’m not talking about the always effusive ‘Altissimo’ climbing rose or an over zealous Jasmine vine. I’m talking about social climbing in the...
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Natural Aphrodisiacs

      *To the poor, poor souls who hate Valentine’s Day… find another blog post to read. But if you love Valentine’s...
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The Hook Up

This beauty is a Gunnera that Rob (the famous Pitch Plant guy) gave me. Wait. Let me begin, from the beginning… Rob had...
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Plant Sensitivity

This time of year we (gardeners, and the like) prune everything back for the Winter. Almost every mature plant in your garden gets...
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Feeling so clicky

  I’m feeling really clicky today… Here are a handful of my most cherished lovelies at the moment… take a peak and let...
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Walnut tree

I would normally start this story by saying, “About this time, every year the…” – but to be honest, I’ve only lived here...
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