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Tacca chantrieri

Notice the awesome whisker-like filaments below the flower head. The dark colored bracts and long trailing filaments are used as part of a “deceit strategy” to attract flies and other pollinators…

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I’ve had a dandy Saturday so far. It has consisted of getting up early to walk around the cemetery  for about an hour (there’s an old-ass cemetery right by my house that you can walk around… decent little work out if you keep going and keep up a good pace up the hill.

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Spending time in the garden for Earth Day

Finally, a foggy morning here in Half Moon Bay.

Well, I guess it’s not uncommon but we’ve had a week of really hot (to me really hot is 70 degrees) weather and the fog is a nice reprieve to wake up to.

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Another Rainy Day

Here in Half Moon Bay, the clouds are subsiding to sun and it’s noticeably warmer than it has been in days.

I love this time of year – and today is a perfect day to to do some Spring-time intentions (or Spring-time cleaning!). This can be for yourself and your garden.

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Alcatraz: a garden on lock-down!

“Really? We’re seriously going to Alcatraz?” This was my asshole response when my boyfriend suggested we head to the City for some tourist-y activities. His...

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Jungle Remedies

Fresh of the heels of my Belizean vaca, I’m hitting Spring running with more blog posts about what I’ve learned on my travels. For the...

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saturday m o r n i n g

This morning I went to a farmers market in San Mateo… I needed some goodies for the kitchen and wanted a dose of color first...

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the latest at the farm

the last bit of yesterday was finished off at the farm, doing some general clean-up and a bit of planting. the guys weed whacked and...

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